The message is loud and clear!

Someone rightly said, ‘we are what we eat.’ Today’s health concerns can be largely attributed to our wayward lifestyles and adulterated food that we consume. The rising incidence of non-communicable diseases in the community, irrespective of the age, is a clear indication of something going wrong somewhere.

Conventional agriculture practices involve usage of pesticides, chemicals and preservatives that can cause serious damages to our body systems, making us vulnerable to serious health complications in the long run. It’s important to understand the inherent message and relook our diet habits for a healthier future.

The answer: Organic food.

Organic farming is an evolved culture that has won the trust of health enthusiasts worldwide. Naturally derived pesticides used in organic farming instead of synthetic pesticides are non-toxic, thus eliminating the risk of major health issues.

Prana Organics: Back to the roots

Prana Organics is an enterprise launched to complement and contribute to the healthy eating habits of the community, while raising consciousness regarding organic food products. Promoted by a group of new-age entrepreneurs passionate about sustainability, Prana Organics believes in the natural way of things, in going back to the roots to deliver the joy of consuming pure and healthy food.

Offering genuine natural, fresh and 100% organic food products and groceries, Prana Organics collaborates directly with the farmers – the lifeline of our nation – and supports them at every stage.

All Prana Organics products are sourced from experienced farmers practicing organic farming for over two decades. Fresh from the farm, all Prana Organics products are home delivered with precision and care adopting all safety measures under the management of trained staff. They are packed using food grade and recyclable materials to ensure optimum safety and sustainability.

For Prana Organics, this is just the beginning of a journey towards making organic and nutritious food a viable option for everyone.